Bangkok Jet Ski Association open

Update : 8 October 2015

the 1st race  at reservoir Nong Ko sriracha, Chonburi  on Sunday, May 24th 2015 by using the rules and regulation of Bangkok Jet Ski Association 2014 19  Class in the Race Class 1 SKI (2 STROKE) STOCK. Class 2 SKI OPEN. Class 3 BEGINNER BLASTER STOCK. Class 4 BLASTER STOCK. Class 5 PRO BLASTER STOCK. Class 6 BLASTER OPEN. Class 7 BLASTER INFINITY. Class 8 BEGINNER RUNABOUT 800 STOCK. Class 9 NOVICE RUNABOUT 800 STOCK. Class 10 PRO – AM RUNABOUT 800 OPEN. Class 11 0 – 900 STOCK. Class 12 0 – 1300 ( 2 STROKE ) LIMITED. Class 13 NOVICE RUNABOUT 4 STROKE STOCK… (ห้ามกล่อง MO-TECH ) Class 14 PRO – AM RUNABOUT 4 STROKE STOCK. (ใช้กฏ IJSBA 2015) Class 15 PRO – AM RUNABOUT 4 STROKE OPEN. Class 16 BEGINNER RUNABOUT 4 STROKE STOCK.(ห้ามกล่อง MO – TECH) Class 17 VIP. RUNABOUT 4 STROKE OPEN. 40 + … Class 18 VIP. RUNABOUT 4 STROKE STOCK. (YAMAHA ONE MAKE RACE.) Class 19 QUARTER – MILE…( 402 เมตร) Class 20 NOVICE RUNABOUT 4 STROKE OPEN ( BKJ. ) There were 4 race courses, the first three course were for the score and the fourth course was for the championship race. For the safety and risk reduction, the rules and regulations of BJS were use in the race. Every team joined in as part of referees, and the race decision were decided together. Any team that did not send in their joint referee will not be able to protest the race decision. Jet Ski inspection were inspect together between each teams mechanic. Any protest  of the race must be notify in writing after the race is over for 30 minutes. Class BLASTER STOCK Class Blaster Open use the original engine no BIG BLOCK Class Blaster Infinity , same boat body modification cannot be more than 20 cm. All Beginner Class racer must be a beginner and has less than 4 race in BKJ race. Class 4 STROKE STOCK no MO-TECH for the reduction of cost and wear and tear of the engine. Racer under 15 years of age must have an authorization from their parents or guardians.

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