Water travel and Water attraction in Thailand

Update : 30 September 2015

Even though there are seasons in Thailand; however, the longest season in Thailand is summer.  No matter what seasons it is, there is a touch of heat everywhere.   Since there is heat everywhere, those who have their weekend off are always looking for a different water attraction, travel, and tourism in water. Anything that will give them the need of relaxation, such as water fall, water cave, and etc. The most water attraction seem to be beach and ocean, with the breeze, wave, sun, and more, all create the most relaxation environment for both foreign and Thai tourist  to go to the beach.

Activities for water attraction and water tourism.

Since the beaches of Thailand are well known around the world for their awesomeness, many tourist go to Thailand beaches for their vacation, activities, and passionate touch of the ocean breeze.  There are many activities on the beach such as sun tanning, swim, relaxing, read a book, volleyball, beach soccer, Frisbee, jet ski and many more for the water activities.  Also, there are night time activities such as candle light dinner, pub and bar, full moon party, and much more can be done at night.

Water tourism with The Popular Beaches

Thailand has many beautiful beaches, and each beach will have their own outstanding identity.  Some will have superfine white sand beach, some with coarse red sand. Here are some examples of the beach that people love to go, Bang San beach, Pattaya beach, Leam Mae Pim, Hua Hin, Cha Am, Sien Ri beach, Maya beach, White Sand Beach Koh Chang, Aow PraMong, Koh Nang Youn, Chaweing Beach, Koh Samui, Par Tong beach, Koh Lei Pei, LaMai beach, Rint beach, Koh Lant, Noppharat Thara beach, Samila beach, and etc.

Beach travel and tourism in Thailand is a MUST

Because of the amazing natural wonder of the beaches of Thailand, many still conserve the beauty of both beach and underwater.  These wonder beauty will stay with Thailand forever, and it also one of the major focus of travel and tourism in Thailand.  Both Thai and foreign are welcome to travel to many beaches in Thailand to experience the unforgettable memory of amazing Thailand.

There are many more water attraction in Thailand that are waiting for everyone to enjoy and experience the beauty of the nature.  Even the extreme water activities can fully recharge anyone that needed a break from their daily life.