Mut-cha-lin’s Pond(Naga’s Pond)

Update : 15 April 2016


When Phra-That Bung Phuan or Bung Pung Pagoda was founded, this Naga’s pond was called ” Sra Mung -kha-la Naam Tieng ” (Sra is a Thai word which means “pond”).Later, the relic of The Buddha was invited with great respect to be kept in the pagoda or That. Pra Ma-ha Teip Luang and Pra Maha Trip pol, the important monks who took care of the pagoda observed that there was some water came up from ahole like a fountain. This hole was trusted as aNaga”s hole or cave and the Naga was the protector of the pagodd After that, people were asked to dig a pond to keep the water from the hole.

At the age of king Wi-chun-la-raj, (Pra chao Wi-chun-la-raj) Lean Chang King, He went to pay respect to the pagoda. The pond was decorated and monks were invited to do Buddhist ceremonies and then it was believed that the water was excellent and magic water. lt was in used in special Ceremonies in Lean Chang Kingdom since then.
The magic pond was renovated many time and at the age of King Chai-ya-chet-tha-thi-raj of Lean Chang Kingdom (2093-2115 B.E.), he ordered to build a big Buddha image,covered by a nine-headed Naga near the pond.

The water from this pond was trusted to be excellent or magic water.It was used in special ceremonies of the King in the ancient time.

English Veraion by Kasem wanit