HIPPOJETSKI established from group of Jet Ski lovers.

HIPPOJETSKI established from group of Jet Ski lovers.

Present time is different, Jet Ski lovers had gather together to exchange their experiences, information, techniques, tips, tricks, and etc. for more enjoyable experience on Jet Ski.  There were many touring events that travel in Thailand and Neighbor country which hosted by HIPPOJETSKI and others. Also, there were many competition that hosted by HIPPOJETSKI.  All in all, HIPPOJETSKI creates all the event in the purpose of family recreation, exercise, recess, and to be away from drugs.

HIPPOJET.COM established on April, 24th 2006.  With all the interest from those with passion in speed, on the road, in the air, or on the water, Hippojet.com caught on with their interest.  Some said Jet Ski is like riding a big bike on water. Some said Jet Ski is a personal watercraft. Now they all know that these personal water that give you the feeling of riding on a jet plane is Jet Ski. With all the speed, challenge, and much more, many thrill seekers turn their interest onto Jet Ski.  Jet Ski had evolve from before. With all the technology available these day, Jet Ski is much safer and more enjoyable than before.  In the Thailand Major Flood on 2011, many Jet Ski riders joined with the government to help with search and rescue.  Many times that only Jet Ski can go into tight area with the strong flow to help with rescue.

Science then, the group of Jet Ski lovers had grown continuously. HIPPOJET.COM is now 10 years old, and our name has change from HIPPOJET.COM to HIPPOJETSKI.com. As the founder of Hippojetski.com, I Mr. THANUPHONG BUACHAREONPHAN and all staff will continue to develop HIPPOJETSKI.com for everyone to enjoy. Thank You Very Much


04/24/2006 : www.hippojet.com  established

5/14/2006   : Jet Ski rider were gather for the first time of www.hippojet.com at Panasin lagoon, Pathumtani Thailand

6/4/2006 : First touring at Koh Kret Nontaburi

9/17/2006: Jet Ski Freestyle, jet ski lover were gather

10/30/2006: Touring across Koh Samet , Rayong

12/18/2006: Trip to Udonthani by invite from “Udon Jet Ski Team” , by P’Ooo


1/31/2007 : Touring trip on Chaopraya River, Ahyuttaya

2/11/2007 : Meeting with Chaopraya Team riding along the Chaopraya River from Rama V bridge to Rama VIII bridge  Bangkok.

2/21/2007 : Joined the Jet Ski race at “ World Heritage Bahn Chiang Udornthani” as friendship joint between Thai and Lao Jet ski lovers.

3/6/2007 : Touring and Travel at Kho Samet more than 100 boats joined the event.

4/5/2007 : Hippojet donate 2,000 liters container to Wat Pah NamKhiew, Saraburi

4/8/2007 : Hippojet and Udorn Jet Ski team and host a Thai-Laos friendship tie at Laos.

4/26/2007 : Hippojet ride in R-Jade pond Rama 2, Bangkok

6/16/2007 : Trip to Pra Tha, a walk in history KumPhangPetch province

6/11/2007 : Legendary Hippojet Freestyle Camp

6/28/2007 : An event “HIPPOJET FREESTYLE CLUB” with Weekendhobby.com, Off Road Magazine, Lifestyle Bangkok cars magazine at Cosmo Pond, Phathumtani

7/15/2007 : First party “Hippojet Freestyle Camp” at Cosmo Pond

8/11 – 8/12 2007 : Host a Perd Loke Sri Sawat 2 competition in honor with Kanchanaburi Governor at GreenRiver Hill resort.

8/8/2007 : Touring event with Mae Kong Jet Ski lovers Team at Mae Kong Rachaburi

8/25-8/26 2007 : Invitaion from Udon Jet Ski Team and Ake Meow Narm , Laos to join together at Nam Nghum Dam , Laos

9/16/2007 : 120 Kilometers Touring at Mae Kong, Lam Phak Bia, Samutphakarn

9/17/2007 : Touring and candy give away to villages children at Kang Kra Jarn Reservoir at Petchburi

11/12/2007 : Opening party for “X-TREM HYDRO AND JR PRO JET SKI TEAM” at Sea Terrace Rama 2, Bang Khunthien Bangkok


3/15/2008 : Friendly Race of Jet Ski Freestyle at R-Jade pond Rama2, Bangkok

3/21/2008 : Live on Air with M150 ADVANTURE radio on 3/28/2008 at 23:00

4/12/2008 : Join Together with NakornChaisri Sherriff for river cleaning at RuamMek Bridge , Nakornpathom

4/12/2008 : Host a Jet Ski competition at Wat Bangkla Bangsai, Ayutthaya

10/20/2008 : WATERRUNNER DAY party at Pare Ing Nam, Mienburi hosted by Watchara Marine Limited Co.

10/19/2008 : Join Life Bangkok Cars Magazine event at Kra Jab Pond , Ratchaburi

12/1/2008 : Join “Nuengrong Paknueng Watnueng Rongrian Samarnsamakee” project opening event. Together help planted trees for the King and Queen. Leaded by Head of the Police , Section 7 Nakornphathom


1/5/2009 : Live on air with 90.75FM at 10:00am with an interview about Jet Ski and Long Tailed Boat

4/12/2009 : 2009 Songkarn Festival at Wat Sidaram ,Ratchaburi. Jet Ski and Motor Boat competition.

6/28/2009 : Join” Jet ski and Speed boat lover 9 Temple merit for Buddhist Lent at Kho Kret , Nonthaburi. Operated by Water Police and Nonthaburi province

7/5/2009 : Partake in an opening even for a large wooden boat sailing in Thai water front , created by Thai people and use Pradu wood which originate in Thailand for the whole boat with a blue print from Finland.

7/12/2009 : Jet Ski Photo Shoot  to use in a commercial Credit Card at Sont Garden, Hua Hin, Prachuapkirikhan

8/17/2009 : Historical race of Jet Ski and 2 Sections boat. At Klong Takham, Bhanpreaw, Samutsakorn

11/1/2009 : Historical race 1 Day 2 Courses- 1st course at Kebprasae reservoir 2nd course at Namdorkklai, Rayong


1/17/2010 : Hosted a 1st Mud Sea Open World event at Bangthaboon Reservoir , Banglam, Petchaburi

4/4/2010 : Hosted a Royal Cup Jet Ski competition at Wat Nongbua, Suphanburi. All earing donated to Wat Nongbua

5/16/2010 : Partake in Bangkok Water sport / Jet Ski competition , also hosted a 5th Hippojet party.

5/3/2010 : Jet Ski race against AIDS at Mienburi Pond with FLOW JET CLUB.com


6/5/2011 : Course 1 at R-Jade pond , Rama 2, Bangkok

7/18/2011 : Course 2 at Krajab Pond  with Nongkob county , Banpong, Ratchaburi

9/12/2011 : Course 3 at Banphoe Pond, Suphanburi

Help with 2011 Thailand Flood relieve, Joined with Thai government and PTT company cover the area of many provinces. Helped with food donation and delivery in water.


1/18/2012 : Course 4 of 2011 event at Ouu Thor Ruer Samet Ngam, Chanthaburi

4/8/2012 : Co-host with BANGKOK JET SKI first time at Hardsine Wat Thalor, Khanchanaburi

5/23/2012 : Course 1-Bangkok Governor Cup by Bangkok Governor at R-Jade Pond

5/27/2012 - Co-host competition with BANGKOK JET SKI at Krajab Pond, Ratchaburi

5/14/2012 : Co-host competition with BANGKOK JET SKI , Confederation race 2012, Chanthaburi

6/15/2012 : Course 2  at R-Jade pond, Rama 2, Bangkok

06/2012 : Helped with Ayuthaya flood

7/10/2012 : Course 3 at Cosmo Pond, Pathumthani

8/6/2012 : Enter in Jet Ski competition at Tar-Pab-Pla-Tee-Pra-Tub-Chai-Narm , Bang Sai Craft and Art center, Ayuthaya. Hosted by four provinces, Ayuthaya, Pathumthani, Nonthaburi, and Bangkok

11/4/2012 : Course 4 joined with AIR SEA LAND at KraSiew Dam, DarnChang, Suphanburi


3/16/2013 : Course 1 at SabLek, Lopburi

3/28/2013 : Course 2 at R-Jade pond, Rama2, Bangkok

4/7/2013 : Course 3 at LardTakae Pond, Suphanburi

8/29/2013 : Course 4 at Sablek, Lopburi


6/15/2014 : Course 1 at Cosmo pond, Pathumthani

8/9/2014 : Course 2 at Pakesa, Samutphakarn

11/10/2014 : Course 3 at Tarlor, Khanchanaburi

12/21/2014 : Course 4 at Ted-Sa-Barn-Nar-Mueng River , Ratchaburi


5/24/2015 : Course 1 – Joined with AIR SEA LAND at Nong Kor reservoir, Chonburi  hosted by Ratchaburi’s Governor

8/8/2015 : Course 2 – will join with Marine Team at NaiRoer School, Samutphakarn